Where can I get Norman Invisalign?

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At Wall Street Dental, their experienced dentists can unlock the beauty and potential of your smile. Providing a sweeping range of advanced dentistry services for the whole family, they’re your premier resource for the highest quality preventive, emergency, pediatric, implant and cosmetic treatment dental treatments. If you’re considering how braces or cosmetic treatments can further enhance the beauty of your smile, you’re going to want to speak with Drs. James and William Yeary to learn about the most suitable options for you. Whether you’re interested in having your teeth professionally whitened, a smile makeover with porcelain dental veneers, or discreet orthodontic treatment with Norman Invisalign, their dentists are happy to develop a highly personalized plan to help you reach you treatment goals.

Why not try to look your best? With Norman Invisalign, eligible patients can correct spaced, shifted, or otherwise crooked teeth into a healthy and properly aligned smile. Apart from the cosmetic benefits of having well-aligned dentition, there are numerous benefits to your health as well. Straighter teeth are easier to clean, with the potential to greatly reduce your risk for dental decay and the development of gum disease. Studies have also shown that improperly aligned bites can contribute to increased muscle tension in the head and neck, leading to headaches, migraines, and even TMJ conditions.

When you get evaluated for Norman Invisalign, the most sophisticated digital imaging technology is used to make your treatment as comfortable, convenient and effective as possible. By digitally analyzing your bite, your treatment can be prescribed with the utmost level of exactitude. Invisalign corrects your bite as you progress through a successive series of customized plastic aligners, which ever-so-gradually move your teeth into their proper positions.

If you’re considering how you may stand to benefit from Norman Invisalign, schedule your consultation at Wall Street Dental today! To get started, contact their office at the number below.

801 Wall Street
Norman, OK 73069
(405) 362-7320