Tooth Whitening in Norman

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Looking for an effective way to enhance the beauty of your smile? At Wall Street Dental, our experienced dentists not only offer the highest quality preventive, restorative, implant, and emergency dental care for you and your whole family—we also offer an exceptional selection of cosmetic services for your smile. Whether you’re considering touching up minor imperfections with cosmetic bonding, natural looking and aesthetically pleasing restorations, or prescription strength tooth whitening in Norman, our dentists welcome the opportunity to bring out the best in your smile.

One of the simplest yet most effective methods for revitalizing the appearance of your smile is a professional strength tooth whitening in Norman. Whereas the strips, gels, and pastes sold over-the-counter at your local grocer are easy to misuse, or don’t deliver the results as promised, when you have your whitening treatment professionally supervised by a professional, you won’t need to worry about its effectiveness or safety. Prior to cosmetic treatment, your dentist will carefully examine the health of your teeth, gums, and jaws, taking special note of any vulnerable regions. Before your whitening treatment, any sensitive areas will either be isolated, or in some cases, treated, to prevent any harm or sensitivity. The examination will also help your dentist determine the most suitable concentration of whitening agent for your treatment. Every smile is different, and your dentist individualizes care to provide the safest, fastest, and most effective results for you. With a customized dental tray—which fits like a mouth guard—your treatment can be safely and evenly administered on a set schedule determined by your dentist. The results you and your dentist can achieve are nothing short of brilliant!

If you’re considering prescription strength tooth whitening in Norman, or any of the other fabulous cosmetic dentistry services offered at Wall Street Dental, give a call to their friendly staff at the number below today!

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