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Root Canal in Norman OK

Looking for a dentist that can get to the root of your dental problems? Book an appointment with Wall Street Dental, offering the most up-to-date treatments in preventive, restorative and emergency dental care. For teeth that have suffered irreversible damage to the pulp and nerve, here in Norman OK root canal therapy provides the necessary treatment to help save your tooth. Whether deep decay, infection or direct trauma has caused damage, you’ll want to meet with their experienced professional for treatment.

Norman OK Root Canal

Deep inside the tooth, beneath the hard, white surface of enamel, and the yellowish layer of dentin, there is a central chamber. Built like a cathedral inside your tooth, it houses the blood vessels, connective tissue and nerve supply to your tooth. In cases of deep decay or infection, the door is opened to the nerve inside your tooth, making it vulnerable and sensitive to outside factors and leaving it susceptible to infection. Your Norman OK root canal specialist knows treating infection deep inside the tooth is extremely important in order to preserve your tooth and surrounding tissue. The root canal procedure essentially removes the inflamed nerve and carefully cleans out infected tissue, then disinfects the area. Afterword, an inert, rubber-like material is used to seal off the exposed area to prevent reinfection. Typically, your dentist will fabricate a permanent restoration for your tooth at this point.

Whether it’s a filling or a custom-made crown that is used for restoration, your Norman OK root canal specialist offers the latest options in restorative materials and techniques. At Wall Street Dental, their dentist on staff is has decades of experience and will provide the utmost quality in oral care. Using the highest dental grade materials for your restoration will help to keep your smile as seamless and natural looking as possible. To schedule an appointment with Wall Street Dental, call the number below.


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