Dentist near 73069

Dentist near 73069

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73069 Dentist

At Wall Street Dental, your dentist near 73069, we offer a comprehensive menu of dental services for every member of your family. In our state-of-the art office we use the most advanced diagnostic technology and treatment modalities to provide the highest quality of dental care available today. Ensuring your comfort, while maintaining the health and beauty of your smile are top priorities at Wall Street Dental. Our expert skills, and compassionate care coupled with a strong commitment to being at the forefront of leading edge dental technology is why Wall Street Dental is the top choice for so many seeking a dental care for themselves and their families.

Dentist near 73069

As your dentist near 73069, Wall Street Dental will keep your teeth healthy and your smile beautiful using the most current and highly rated minimally invasive techniques. With newer methods of care more tooth structure can be preserved, and some of the discomfort associated with the commonly employed instrumentation can be eliminated. In some cases where cavities are present, air abrasion may be used as an alternative to a dental drill to remove decay from teeth with greater precision. A tiny blast of air containing special particles can remove the damaged tooth structure so gently that anesthesia may not be required. Teeth can also be prepared for fillings more comfortably with dental lasers. Laser dentistry delivers energy in the form of light, and unlike the dental drill produces no heat or vibration. Dental lasers can be used for procedures on the teeth, gums, and soft tissues of the mouth allowing for greater precision and comfort. At Wall Street Dental our focus is to preserve tooth structure and prevent decay by using the most precise methods of treatment and the highest quality materials to restore your teeth. We are a mercury free dental practice and use the most cosmetically pleasing and durable tooth colored resins and porcelain inlays to fill teeth that have been treated for cavities.

Early detection of dental disease and precise care are essential for the most successful treatment options. Our practice uses high-powered microscopes, intra-oral cameras, and digital imaging to facilitate dental procedures and to provide the most accurate information on your teeth in the safest and most comfortable manner.

At Wall Street Dental, your dentist near 73069, we are proud to offer the latest technology in every procedure that we perform. We take great pride in offering the highest quality of care and staying up to date with the latest innovations in the field of dentistry. To learn more about our services, give us a call today.


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