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At Wall Street Dental, their professional team has developed a reputation for providing exceptional quality care to the Norman, Rock Creek, and Brookhaven areas. With a state-art-the-art dental facility, fully equipped with the most advanced dental technology, their talented dental staff makes the foremost treatment options available for the benefit of you and your loved ones. Whether you’re looking to replace missing teeth, or are experiencing a dental emergency, you can rest assured that their compassionate staff will take special care to provide you with the gentle and effective treatment you require. From oral surgery for impacted teeth, to the latest replacement options in prosthetics and implant dentistry, your dentist in Norman is here for you every step of the way.

When teeth come in incorrectly, they can cause serious issues if left unaddressed. The classic case of teeth coming in improperly, is with the last back molars, the wisdom teeth. Most of the time, they come in aimed directly towards an adjacent tooth. It raises a question as to why these teeth are commonly referred to as wisdom teeth, as they present one of the most typical examples of tooth impaction—the condition resulting from teeth colliding along their growth trajectory. Yes, unwise it would seem, that these teeth are to stir up such trouble in our mouths. If you’re suffering from an impacted wisdom tooth, your dentist in Norman can help. Providing the options of nitrous oxide or oral sedation, if an extraction is required, your dentist will make sure you are completely numbed, and as comfortable as possible for your procedure.

Removing teeth which have come in incorrectly is of vital importance to your oral health. When teeth are only partially erupted from the gum line, dental plaque and harmful bacteria can collect, increasing the likelihood of gum disease and dental decay in the surrounding area. It’s also not uncommon for an infection to occur. The best thing you can do is visit your dentist in Norman to help restore your oral health. To schedule your next appointment, contact Wall Street Dental today!

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