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Teeth Cleaning in 73069

Plaque: home to millions of bacteria rapidly reproducing and capable of causing dental decay or gum disease if left to multiply and spread. As the cause of cavities and the development of severe periodontitis, the leading cause of tooth loss in US adults, you’re going to want a hand keeping these intruders from doing harm. That’s where your Norman, OK 73069 teeth cleaning professional comes in. Providing the utmost quality in preventive care, your expert dentist at Wall Street Dental is here to help you establish and maintain excellent oral health. Offering a comprehensive range of dental services, from restorative to emergency and cosmetic treatments, Wall Street Dental has got you covered.

73069 Teeth Cleaning

The Power of Fluoride Compels You! Well maybe not you, but when it comes to the impious creatures that live in your mouth on a microscopic scale, your Norman, OK 73069 teeth cleaning specialist employs the latest in equipment, technology and techniques to eliminate dental plaque and tartar to maintain your dental health for teeth and gums. Pediatric patients benefit from additional fluoride treatments as well as the application of dental sealants to help seal out decay. Fluoride has been shown not only to slow the growth and spread of harmful bacteria in the mouth, but also to form a resistant shield to the surface of teeth, helping to ward off the effects of acid erosion. Safe and effective treatments, each advised by the American Dental Association, periodic application of fluoride and dental sealants are an excellent way to limit dental decay in your children’s mouths. Combined with regular teeth cleanings, checkups, and professional instruction for the proper way to brush and floss, you’ll have those miniscule malingerers gnashing their teeth and thrashing about on the way out of your mouth!

So, if you’ve decided to take back possession of the oral health of every member of your family, consider visiting your Norman, OK 73069 teeth cleaning specialist at Wall Street Dental.


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